Street Photography out of Berlin

Berlin1020 is a street photography collective, based in Berlin, Germany.

We are six street photographers and we all live in Berlin. Header image by Chris “Candid” Schirrmacher. This was  the cover image on the  “One Day in Berlin” exhibition catalogue. The “One Day in Berlin” exhibition  was curated and organised by the renowned Photo Gallery Friedrichshain in Berlin. Berlin1020 members Chris “Candid” Schirrmacher, Martin U Waltz and Sebastian Jacobitz exhibited their work at this exhibition.

Meet the members:

Exhibitions in 2018

Martin U Waltz, “Staged”, group exhibition, PH21 Gallery, Budapest
Alex Pfeiffer, “Fine Art”, group exhibition, Blank Wall Gallery, Athens
Roland Groebe , “Cityscape”, group exhibition, Blank Wall Gallery, Athens
Roland Groebe and Martin U Waltz, “Monochrome”, group exhibition, Blank Wall Gallery, Athens
Oliver Krumes and Martin U Waltz, “Postcard Salon”, group exhibition, Jarvis Dooney Gallery, Berlin

Street Photography Berlin

Alex Pfeiffer

Alex is a international awarded streetphotographer based in Berlin, Friedrichshain. He´s working with old analog lenses on digital cameras or shooting completely analog. Before moving to Berlin, he discovered the streets of New York, Boston, India, Russia, the Arabian Emirates and various other parts of the world.

His work has been honored twice by the UNESCO Humanity Awards in Beijing and the International 35Awards in Moscow.

berlin1020 chris candid street photography Berlin

Chris “Candid” Schirrmacher

Chris street photography work focuses on the darker sides of Berlin. He likes to work at close range with the flash. Chris created an amazing street photography series on Japan on his recent travels. His work has been published in magazines like Inspired Eye, EYE-Photo, Leica Fotografie International and in photo books like “We Street 2015” and  “World Street Photography 3”.

His work has been recently shown in Berlin, Hamburg and London. He was a commended photographer in the category street photography at the 2017 Sony World Photo Awards.

Martin U Waltz

Martin works in various series describing the many sides of Berlin using street photography, social documentary and visual poetry. Collaborations are: – Stories on Violence with writer Dirk Könnecke, telling the stories of people who have experienced violence and Memorial Ghosts on the Holocaust Memorial in Berlin with Roland Groebe. Martin is co-founder and editor at The German Street Photography Site.
Martin has won numerous international photography awards. His work has been shown in exhibitions in New York, Paris, Dublin, London, Rome, Bucharest and Berlin.

Street Photography Berlin

Oliver Krumes

Oliver expresses his view on the city with a poetical use of light and shadow and in elegant soothing colors.  Being quite the traveler recent photographic excursions have led him to China, Vietnam and Myanmar. Oliver has been voted as one of the 20 most influential street photographers by the Streethunters blog in 2017.

He runs the “Street Photography Berlin” group on Facebook. His work has been shown in exhibitions in Berlin, Sankt Veit an der Glan and in Bucharest.

street photography Berlin

Roland Groebe

Roland  often summarises his street photography work under a common theme, e. g. tattoos, faces, or street. His street scenes are quite often timeless drawing inspiration from the Magnum classics of the 60ies.

His work was published at The Eye Photo Magazine, Stern Magazine, art-Das Kunstmagazin, National Geographic and We Street 2015 – Street Photography Book. He has won the reader’s choice award of art-Das Kunstmagazin.

street photography Berlin

Sebastian Jacobitz

Sebastian is a flash street photography aficionado. His visual language is dark and gritty, both in color and in his black and white. His work has been recently shown at the Fotogalerie Friedrichshain in Berlin within the “One Day in Berlin” exhibition.

Sebastian runs the well respected Streetbounty  Blog on all things street photography. He is also a guest author on many of the well known photography sites like Petapixel, DIY Photography, 121clicks and Digital Photography School.

Street Photography Berlin: Guides and Tips

Photography Tips for Berlin

Wondering where best to shoot street in Berlin? The cool spots, the best walks and places for street photography in Berlin? Want to explore the world of photography in Berlin? Look no further. Check out the insightful guides for photography in Berlin written by Oliver Krumes, Sebastian Jacobitz and Martin U Waltz.

The Berlin Guide for Photographers (EN) by Sebastian Jacobitz
The Street Photography Guide for Berlin: The best Spots and Walks (EN) by Martin U Waltz
Dein Street Photography Guide für Berlin (DE) by Oliver Krumes
Der Street Photography Guide Berlin: Die besten Spots und Walks (DE) by Martin U Waltz


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